Alyson Ridge

aly.jpgAlyson is a Colorado based cosplayer and is most known for her expansive cosplay portfolio across a wide array of fandoms. She was raised on classic sci-fi and Disney thanks to her father and learned the beginning basics of sewing from her mom. One of her favorite fandoms is Harry Potter.

Her first convention at NDK 2004 was where she first learned about cosplaying and she has been officially cosplaying since 2005. She strives for screen accuracy in all of her work and works hard to challenge herself to learn new sewing skills in each new cosplay she creates.

She hopes to be a good role model to all those around her through her cosplay. She also will attend as princesses (her favorite costume is Rapunzel) to kid’s birthday parties and enjoys volunteering her time for many different events. When she isn’t cosplaying she is usually working her full time job as a Littleton public school administrative assistant, playing video games, or enjoying time with her family.

One of Alyson’s favorite memories:

My husband and I were cosplaying as Black Widow and Captain America, and we got to meet so many young kids who wanted their photos with us which was amazing! We also got to meet Jason David Frank and my husband got to explain that he was his hero as a kid and now we get to dress like heroes. Jason David Frank was so moved by what my husband said that he wanted photos with us and posted them to his Instagram! It really showed how cosplay can really make a difference in so many people’s lives!