Ginny DiGiuseppi

ginnyI’ve been cosplaying for six years, but I’ve been sewing since I was a child. I started sewing costumes for the Renaissance Festival in my teens. I am full-time self-employed as a creator, so that includes my cosplay, my YouTube videos, and my music.

I love wearing Arya Stark because she’s both a well-known and little-cosplayed character, so people recognize her and get excited about it! I don’t generally act “in character” when in costume, but Arya gives me some really fun opportunities to interact with people as her, too.

One time I was wearing my Belle costume, from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and a little girl spotted me across the hall and beelined towards me. When she got to me, she very excitedly told me that she loves to read. We got to have a great conversation about how wonderful books are. As an awkward bookworm, Belle was such a hero of mine growing up, and being able to bring that hero to life for the next generation of awkward bookworms is something really special.

I love to combine my cosplay interests with my other interests, like music and writing. I run a blog about cosplay, and I like to make parody and cover music videos in cosplay. I’m also a major TV and movie addict, so I spend a lot of time watching TV and movies, and talking about TV and movies.