Jim Shima

13174187_10209496984244386_2416221431945100632_n.jpgJim has been a part-time costumer since 1997 and a current member of Fan Force, R2 builders club, BB8 builders club, K2S0 builders club, & the Rebel Legion droid handler. He was also the very first member of the 501st Legion’s mountain garrison represented at Celebration 1!

As co-founder of Corellian Droidworks, and full-time electrical engineer he employs his skills building props, robotics, electronics. Such projects have included developing professional grade real-time voice changers for Skywalker Sound & cutting edge lightsaber electronics used by Disney in The Force Awakens.

His favorite costume to wear is Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings because it “scares the heck out of people.”