Karl Brevik

karlI have been costuming for well over ten years, and dressing up as long as I can remember. Cosplaying was something I started pursuing about five years ago and I’ve been doing it ‘professionally’ for around a year and a half now!

I would describe myself as part time only in that I am also an actor. While cosplaying and acting sync up quite often I do each enough that I would say I am either a part time actor and part time professional cosplayer, or full time at both!

My favorite costume to wear depends on the mood and audience. Next to nothing beats being Batman for kids, or Flynn Rider. The Dread Pirate Roberts from A Princess Bride is another favorite because of the joy it brings. Everyone who recognizes the character and movie have such strong, positive feelings about it, and who doesn’t want to be a charming swashbuckler?

I am a member of a charity I founded in Colorado Springs called CareActor Select. It works with actors and cosplayers to bring in character interactions to kids in need.

My free time tends to involve indulging my geeky passions. I love playing video games, especially cooperatively with my brothers. I love card and board games. I have a nine year old golden lab named Freya who is absolutely my world. I love road trips and hiking and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. I also write as both a hobby and for a few websites. My most full time job is that of an actor. I perform on stage, film and live at events. I am making a living dressing up one way or another and I am so excited that five year old me would be very happy to know it!