Patrick Gillies

17796453_1393705417360503_1038629600708872874_nPatrick has have been costuming part-time  for 20 years, especially for the Rebel Legion as local Base Commander and international Charity Liaison. He is also a part of the 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.

One of his favorite costumes to wear is that of Darth Vader. There is no mistaking who the character is leading to some great experiences at various events.

One of Patrick’s favorite moments in costume was having a young man at a hospital run up to hug him. He knew at that moment that the young man was a kid with a smile, not a kid in pain.

Outside of costuming, Patrick has worked in health care systems for 29 years. He currently serves as an executive with a large local nonprofit organization, providing health care access to under-served populations.