Spring 2019 Events

Welcome Week- January 22nd-24th, 2019

We will be handing our swag and other promotional items at the CU Denver Live! table. We will announce our position on social media a few days prior and the day of the event.


I-TEA-nerary Around the World – February, 2019

This event will feature 5 different teas from 5 countries. Come learn how to make 5 teas in their respective country’s traditional manner. There will be biscuits, tea snacks, tea cups…and, oh yeah……..TEA!


International Cereal Mondays

CEREAL!?!? That’s right. Follow our social media pages to see what building we will be giving out free cereal at every other Monday morning. On these select Mondays, we join the Events and Partnerships team’s “Coffee Mondays” to hand out cereal from a foreign country (the country alternates every other week), give away swag items, and nourish some college students before class! 🙂

Speaker Event- March 2019

We will be hosting the Real Black Klansman: Ron Stallworth on March 19th! He will be discussing a variety of topics like the multiple books he’s written, his time as a police officer, and how he infiltrated the Colorado Springs chapter of the KKK.

“Hello Dolly!” DCPA Musical- April 3rd, 2019

For $10, you can buy a ticket to CU Denver Live!’s “Hello Dolly!” event. Ticket sales and pre-party information will be announced as the event date approaches. We will meet at the pre-party to pass out show tickets and have refreshments, then we will walk over to the DCPA to see the musical!

World Affairs Conference- April 8th-11th, 2019

CU Denver Live! will host live streams of CU Boulder’s World Affairs Conference in specific rooms across campus during the week of April 8th.


Spring Fling- April 17th- 18th, 2019

Similar to Fall Fest, we will be tabling at Spring Fling! Stop by our table to get promotional material, free CU Denver Live! gear, SOME type of FREE FOOD, and info on upcoming events!


Battle of the Bands- April 18th, 2019

If you or anyone you know have a band who would be interested in being paid to compete for an opening spot for CU Denver’s Fall 2019 Block Party. Just fill out the Google form found in the Submissions tab > Battle of the Bands Submission.


Masterpieces and Milkshakes – March 23rd, 2019

We will be selling tickets for this event at the Lynx Center (Qdoba Building), so keep an eye on our social media pages, posters, and emails for this one! For $10, you can get a Parisian milkshake and a French themed painting class.