Fall 2018/ Spring 2019

Block Party: 2018


We sponsored a portion of this massive annual event and had the chance to set up a table near the stage. There was awesome live music provided by CAM’s Violet’s Gun. They opened for the awesome headliner “The Burroughs” who are a local Denver band. Thanks to all who came out! If you missed us, come see our booth right by the stage next year!

Art of Cooking: South American Street Food


We had a blast learning how to cook  Colombian Empanadas, Brazilian Acai bowls, Peruvian Ceviche, and Argentinian Carne Asada.

The chefs at Cook Street School of Cooking taught us precise knife skills, how to fillet a fish, and how to wrap Empanadas. We hope to see you all at the next one!




Masterpieces and Milkshakes: African Safari

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Bob Ross would have been proud of all of the paintings of African sunsets we made! The Milkshakes from Serendipity were delicious as well.

The instructors from Pinot’s Palette taught us how to create various textures and easy. accessible skills to make a beautiful painting. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the next Masterpieces and Milkshakes next semester!

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Sleeping Beauty

The Colorado Ballet gracefully performed their rendition of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. Students ate Italian hors d’evours at the City Center and mingled before heading over to the Denver Performing Arts Center to see the dance!

This is one of many events that CU Denver Live! facilitates at the DPAC. More DPAC events will be coming this Fall!







Pumpkin Patch


Right here at your very own CU Denver Sports Field, we hosted a good, old fashioned pumpkin patch. Students could check in, grab a free pumpkin, decorate it, eat some fall snacks, and take pictures with the massive piles of leaves in front of our Fall photo booth.


We intended to bring an old Irish tradition that has cemented itself in American culture to CU Denver, so students who have never experienced a pumpkin patch had the opportunity to!



Nightmare Before Christmas Symphony

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We hosted 2 nights of this event. Both of which comprised of a dinner at Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro. We ate a delicious 3 course meal of edamame, orange chicken, tofu soup, lo mein noodles, and Mango/ Tiramisu cakes! After these fine Eastern delicacies, we walked over and saw the Colorado Symphony Orchestra play the soundtrack to a live screening of the Nightmare Before Christmas.





Continental Crafting: Journey to Mexico

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For our crafting event this semester, we took students on a journey to Mexico with crafts like Ojos de Dios (Eye of God), Mexican Worry Dolls,  Hojalata (Tin art), Mexican yarn paintings, and fiesta flower bowls. While students constructed the craft of their choice, they could watch The Book of Life and enjoy a churro, cupcake, Mexican candy basket, or a cake pop from a table of desserts.





Come From Away Musical

thumbnail (7)Students had the chance to see a critically acclaimed Broadway musical after eating goodies from Woody Creek Bakery! Everyone met at the CU City Center and ate desserts and drank coffee and tea. Then walked over to the DCPA down the street to the spectacular production.

Students attested that it was a heartwarming performance and many would recommend it to their friends!

I-Tea-nerary Around the World


We featured 5 different teas from 5 countries for students to sip a sample of.  They sat at tables and learned facts about each country’s tea ceremony, as well as placed a sticker in their mock passports of which countries the had visited on the tea circuit.

The types of tea were: Djarleeing/Assam black tea from Britain, Russian Caravan black tea blend from Russia, Mint Green Tea from Morocco, Yerba Mate tea from Argentina, and Matcha green tea from Japan. Students had a chance to interact in the tea production by constructing their mint tea cup, creating their own Matcha, and sipping Yerba Mate out of a straw. All of this hosted in the beautifully lit Speer Gallery!


Ron Stallworth: The Real Black Klansman

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We had the privilege to bring Ron Stallworth to campus and interview him on his life and accomplishments! Being the subject of Spike Lee’s BlacKKKlansman movie, we interviewed him about his time in the Colorado Springs Police department and how he infiltrated the KKK.

His books were on sale after the speech in the Student Commons lobby (The Black Klansman and more). There was a VIP reception afterwards in the Speer Gallery where students could socialize, eat catered hors d’evours and engage with Mr. Stallworth one on one. It was a pleasure having him!



Hello Dolly! Musical

thumbnail (6)  Dinner and a show? For free? That’s right. CU Denver Live! took students to Pizza Republica for the pre-party and delicious food. There was a dinner buffet of pizza, brochette bread, meatball sliders, and free soft drinks. After eating we walked a short block over to the Denver Center for Performing Arts to get seated and see Hello Dolly! The musical was jaunty, funny, and a great time. We are excited for next year’s musical event!






Conference on World Affairs

download (10)   CU Boulder hosted their annual Conference of World Affairs in early April. The CU Denver Live! staff chose 2 sessions per day that they felt was relevant to the CU Denver student body. They live streamed the sessions in different rooms during the day and provided notebooks and pens as swag items. They also brought in catering from Woody Creek Bakery for free lunch, snacks, and desserts for students. It was CUDL’s first year making these streams an event!







Battle of the Bands 2019

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CU Denver Live!’s annual Battle of the Bands 2019 rocked! Four bands competed for opening spots at Block Party and Grad Bash 2019. The groups were Redamancy, 1000 Miles of Fire, Pastel Pink, and Sister Neapolitan. 1000 Miles of Fire won 1st place and the Block Party gig. Sister Neapolitan won 2nd place and the Grad Bash gig.

Over 100 people packed the main room of the Appaloosa Grill on 16th street for the rockin’ event! With a packed house it was even hard to squeeze through to access the tasty dinner buffet featuring a myriad of eclectic options for 3 courses.



Masterpieces and Milkshakes



Masterpieces and Milkshakes has quickly become one of CU Denver Live!’s most popular events! We hold this event each semester, so this semester’s theme is “Moonlight in Paris.” Students came to the Tivoli Turnhalle and grabbed a Nutella shake, French Vanilla shake, or a Strawberry smoothie. After that, they sat at a table with their friends, sipped their shakes, and learned how to paint the Eiffel tower in the moonlight!

Pinot’s Pallet provided the art materials, the entire lesson, and free paintings and gift cards for raffle winners! We look forward to next year’s Masterpieces and Milkshakes!