CU Denver LIVE! provides the opportunity for students and student organizations to submit a proposal for funding of their artistic, educational, and/or culturally relevant event. Proposals are reviewed on a first come first serve basis by the CU Denver LIVE! committee. If the proposal lines up with the mission behind CU Denver LIVE!, we will contact you letting you know that it has been approved. Please review the following information before submitting a proposal request.

We do require the submission to be submitted ONE MONTH prior to the event date!

The CU Denver LIVE! logo must be included on the poster and marketing materials used for the event. 

Who can apply?
Students and student organizations at CU Denver. We will not accept or review proposals submitted by Faculty or Staff of the University of Colorado Denver. Please have a student submit the proposal on behalf of the organization the Professor/Professional Staff is working for.
What kind of event will CU Denver Live! fund?
All proposals must reflect the values of the CU Denver Live! mission statement. They are also required to be inclusive of the attendance of the CU Denver student body as a whole.

The proposals are also funded up to the fiscal amount of $1,000.00 Dollars. The approval of the funding is on a per item basis.
What is the CU Denver Live! mission statement?
CU Denver Live! makes the arts accessible to all CU Denver students through community-centered programming that emphasizes education and engagement. CU Denver Live! seeks to inspire students with a range of multi-cultural arts to increase connectedness, embrace diversity, encourage a passion for learning, and foster a stronger sense of school pride.
Can my student organization apply twice?
No. Only one proposal per student organization for each academic year.
How soon should I apply before my event?
The earlier the better. However, proposals must be submitted at least one month in advance. If they are submitted after the one month mark, the CU Denver LIVE! committee will not consider the proposal for funding.
Will you sponsor food?
Only if it is culturally relevant/integral to the success of the event.
How will I know if my event is accepted?
We will contact you via email. You may be asked to answer follow up questions via email or present at our weekly meetings before approval is confirmed.
I applied last year and want to fund the same event this year, what else do I need to provide?
Please provide additional information in the form below. Include how many people attended last year, pictures, how the event went, and what you plan to do this year to take your event to the next level (increase attendance, add elements, etc). This information must be submitted in supplement to the proposal form below.

Please click on the following link to submit: